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Aaaaaand because finding this information regularly makes me crazy, here is a list of FOSSIL user permission codes. This list is cut-and-pasted from the FOSSIL admin page of a FOSSIL repository server; this information apparently exists nowhere else on the Interwebs:
The permission flags are as follows:

  1. a Admin: Create and delete users
  2. b Attach: Add attachments to wiki or tickets
  3. c Append-Tkt: Append to tickets
  4. d Delete: Delete wiki and tickets
  5. e Email: View sensitive data such as EMail addresses
  6. f New-Wiki: Create new wiki pages
  7. g Clone: Clone the repository
  8. h Hyperlinks: Show hyperlinks to detailed repository history
  9. i Check-In: Commit new versions in the repository
  10. j Read-Wiki: View wiki pages
  11. k Write-Wiki: Edit wiki pages
  12. l Mod-Wiki: Moderator for wiki pages
  13. m Append-Wiki: Append to wiki pages
  14. n New-Tkt: Create new tickets
  15. o Check-Out: Check out versions
  16. p Password: Change your own password
  17. q Mod-Tkt: Moderator for tickets
  18. r Read-Tkt: View tickets
  19. s Setup/Super-user: Setup and configure this website
  20. t Tkt-Report: Create new bug summary reports
  21. u Reader: Inherit privileges of user reader
  22. v Developer: Inherit privileges of user developer
  23. w Write-Tkt: Edit tickets
  24. x Private: Push and/or pull private branches
  25. z Zip download: Download a baseline via the /zip URL even without checkout and history permissions
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