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# John Dowland's "Can She Excuse My Wrongs" in abcsound format.

instr Guitar csound=1 p4=pitch
instr Bass csound=2 p4=pitch

voices Guitar Guitar Guitar Bass


# Section A
|:d a             d'|c'>   b   a      |a g f       |e3  |
|:f f>             g|a>    g   f      |f e d       |^c3 |
|:a (d/2 d/4 e/4)  f|f>    d   c      |c c A       |A3  |
|:d              d>e|f/2 F G/2 A/2 F/2|A/2 B/2 C' d|A3  |

|c' a/2 _b g/2|a2     f |g e e   | d3:|
|e  f/2  g e/2|f> e   d |d2 ^c   | d3:|
|a  a/2 d' c/2|c2    _b,|_b,a>g  |^f3:|
|A  D/2 G  C/2|F2    _B |G  A  A | d3:|

# Section B
|:a          a            a|a a/2  a  b/2 |c'2             _b      | a3|
|:e          ^c    d/2  e/2|f e/2  d  d/2 |e/2>f/2 g/2 a/2 g/2>f/2 | e3|
|:^c'/2>d/2  e     d/2 ^c/2|d a,/2 f  f/2 |g/2>g/2 e/2 f/2 d/2 d'/2|^c3|
|:a a/2      g/2  (f/2 e/2)|d (^c/2d) d/2 |c>      F       G       | A3|

|c' f,/2 _b g/2|a2 _b        |a d' d'            |^c'3:|
|e f/2 g  e/2  |f> a  g      |g/2 f d/2 f/2 g/2  | a3 :|
|a a/2 d' c/2  |c> f  e/2 d/2|^c> d   f/2 e/4 d/4| e3 :|
|A d/2 G  C/2  |F2 G         |A    _B>B          | A3 :|

# Section C
|:a           a          a|a  a/2      a3/2|b/2>b/2    b/2bb/2|b b/2 b b/2|
|:A/2>B/2     c/2   d  c/2|f  e/2  d    c/2|B/2>c/2 d/2 e  d/2|g f/2 e d/2|
|:z>a         a/4 b/4  c/2|d' c/2  f'  e'/2|d'3/2 b/2>c'/2 d/2|e d/2 g f/2|
|:F/2>F/2     F/2 F    F/2|F  F/2      F3/2|G/2>G/2  F/2 G G/2|G G/2 G G/2|

|a          a/2a/2         a/2a/2|a a      a/2      g/2     |^f/2>g/2  a/2 b/2 g/2 a/2|
|^c/2>d/2   e             f/2 g/2|e/2>g/2  f/2 d/2 ^c/2>^c/2|d    A/2      d      ^c/2|
|e/2>^c/2  ^c/2>^c/2  d/4 d/4 e/2|^c/2^c/2 d/2 f/2 e        |z/2 d/2>c/2   b/2 e/2 e/2|
|A/2>A/2    A/2  A/2  A          |A        A       A/2 A/2  |d/2>e/2 ^f/2  g/2 e/2 e/2|

|1 ^f2 d |2 ^f2 (d |d3):|
|1 d2  d |2 d2  (d |d3):|
|1 a   a2|2 a   (a2|a3):|
|1 d   d2|2 d   (d2|d3):|

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