LittleSite: a Quick Tool for Simple Web Sites

Hark! A change! Welcome to LittleSite (LS). LS is an almost trivial PHP template for a static web site. Adding new content to a LittleSite is as simple as writing an HTML page and copying it to your web server. LS takes care of rendering all of your site's pages in a consistent way. It also builds a navigation menu containing links to all your site's pages. The page you are looking at right now is rendered by LittleSite.

LittleSite is suitable for small sites (a couple of dozen pages, perhaps) that do not require any dynamic page generation or form handling. (Blogs and shopping carts are examples of such dynamic pages, which LS does not handle.)

LS consists of a couple of small PHP scripts. If you want to learn PHP, LS is probably a decent chunk of code to read.

The current release of LS is version 0.1. It can be found here.

Last changed:
08-14-12 17:02:39